In the 1970’s the leadership of the Standard Church of America had a dream to combine the efforts of the General Conference headquarters, Brockville Bible College, and the Brockville Standard Church and build a ministry complex that would share funds, buildings, and personnel. Brockville Standard Church had already purchased 3 ½ acres to build a church on Centennial Road. The denomination came along side and purchased 48 more acres with the dream of building a combined ministry complex for the church, the Bible College, and the headquarters. But the financial status of the Bible College and the denomination became tenuous. God had blessed the local church with growth so the denomination gave permission to the Brockville Standard church to proceed and build on college and headquarters land, still with the view of someday cooperating in a joint venture.

On May 24, 2003, our denomination, The Standard Church of America, voted to merge with the Central Canada District of the Wesleyan Church. On September 16, 2007, Centennial Road Church voted to follow the direction of our denomination into full merger.

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