Eric has been the Lead Pastor at C-Road since 2009 where he and his wife Kimberly have raised four awesome kids (3/4 are now in university)! He is an avid Habs fan, has been known to add ketchup to just about everything, and is locally famous as “the Starbucks pastor!” He was recently elected as The District Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church in Central Canada, so his scope of leadership now extends from C-Road to all the churches in our district.

Rev. Dr. Eric Hallett

Lead Pastor

Hannah is the Next Steps Pastor and Worship Pastor. Her passion for discipleship, connection, worship, and communication drives the way she embraces the ministry life. Besides her obvious love for her husband (Justin), son (Henry), and dog (Ovie), Hannah loves being with her people, traveling (any and everywhere), music, sports, board games, the outdoors, pranking, the enneagram, Christmas, good coffee shops, and just about everything life has to offer.

Pastor Hannah Bowersox

Pastor of Young Adults | Pastor of Creative Arts

Desirae is a “Children’s Pastor Extraordinaire” with her passion and vision for families in our region. She and her husband Ivan are raising their exuberant, little, trilingual, son, Samuelito. Desirae is an idea woman who makes things happen from incredible kids camps to unbelievable helicopter Easter-egg drops!

Rev. Desirae Flores

Children’s Pastor

Roger is an Assistant Pastor who loves to see people engage with Jesus in worship, as well as look after each other in community. He tries to balance his highly organized administrative side by finding humour in life. Roger is enjoying being an “empty-nester” of an adult son and daughter and relaxes with his wife Julie by hiking, gardening, and hanging with their two adorable grandsons.

Rev. Roger Keyzers

ASsistant Pastor

Justin is the Student Pastor and Worship Pastor. He has an energetic heart for reaching the next generation and consistently shows up to make a difference. Justin and his wife Hannah have been all over the US and Canada, traveling with their band, their frenchton and now their 1 year old son, Henry. Justin enjoys training for marathons, playing any instrument he can get his hands on, eating hot food, and binge-watching netflix with his favorite person.

Pastor Justin Bowersox

Pastor of Student ministries | Pastor of creative arts

dani allen | Church administrator

faye croswell | volunteer development

donna rae wieler | financial administrator

glen thomas | facilities team leader

Judy Finley | Ministerial Student